Monday, May 18, 2015

just trust.

So much has changed in our lives over the last couple of years, that this feels like a totally new blog!  Jason and I are enjoying four jobs, homeschooling, church and probably the biggest thing in all of our lives right now....adoption.  That's right, we're working on adding two more kids into our family!

The process all started last year when our friends headed out to get their two new kids. They kept sending pictures and updating us every step of the way.  Our hearts were opened and we felt this pull. A pull to be a father to the fatherless.  To give these kids a forever family, to teach them about the love of Jesus, not just through our words but through our actions.  So we started the process.

Within a very small amount of time (and I mean, super small), we were given pictures and info on two little orphan boys.  Jason and I were shocked, scared, excited, instantly in love.  Terrified might just fit in that description too.  =)  But once we had those pictures....we were in!

So we started the looooooooong process of doing our Home Study.  It took months.  During that time we (and by "we" I mean mainly me) faced many fears. I have had many fears along the way.  I'm a planner, and I like to know what's going to happen. I like to know exactly how long something is going to take, how much money it's going to cost, where that money is going to come from, what it's going to be like at the end, and the list goes on.  But I'm finding that God doesn't always, or even usually, tell us those things.  He just asks us to trust Him.

Hard! Just trusting is SO hard.

Once we remembered to just trust, and take one step at a time, it's almost as though God was like YES, this is where I want you!! And He began to move.

And that brings us to today.

We are in major fundraising mode.  We have three HUGE amounts of money that will need to be raised, plus travel expenses, etc. So we're doing every fundraiser that we can think of.  We had a fun fundraiser at a local boutique here in town, where friends got to shop and a portion of the sales was given to our adoption fund!

We are also in the middle of our biggest fundraiser so far, which is an online auction. I can't wait to share all the details of how this has worked out, but I'll wait until we have the final numbers to do that, which will be this evening. Let's just say, God has done some AMAZING things through this auction. I have cried more times than I can count in just utter thankfulness and awe.

We also have a rummage sale coming up and we got approved for our Both Hands project which hopefully will happen in the beginning of July!

We are just in awe of what God is doing through this process. I have seen Him in ways that I never have before, and it's simply from taking those small steps of faith and trusting Him with the details. We serve an amazing God!


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