Tuesday, October 16, 2012

weight loss & an outfit

I hit a goal for my weight loss yesterday!!

Ready for this?

I'm down.....

30 POUNDS!!!

Who woulda thunk it?! Not me 30 pounds ago, that's for sure!  It's taken me, well, what seems like forever but in reality it's been about a year.  With some setbacks of course.  The last 20 came off just in the last 6 months probably.  It's exciting!  And motivating!

Oh....this is an outfit post too, huh?!  So here's how to take a really boring white tee, and make it feel fab!

A pretty red, flowery scarf!!

colored jeans outfit

Easy peasy!  And if you have a matching purse, even better.  You guys like my red pants?!  I've been searching high and low for some colored pants that were actually flattering and not nasty gross when I put them on, ya know, 'cuz I'm not a size 2!  And I finally found them, so I bought two, of course!  One in this pretty red!  And one in a dark teal-ish color (that's right, teal-ish!).  Love! They were at Kohl's and they're cords!  Double love!

how to dress up a white tshirt

how to wear a scarf

 shirt ($5): old navy, scarf ($4.48): target, red pants ($19.72): kohl's, steve madden flats ($7): sam's (who knew?!)


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