Friday, October 12, 2012

it's time for a fall outfit!

I love fall!! When you live in the southern part of the country like I do, Fall-ish weather is even more precious! You see, "fall" weather here means temps in the 80s, with maybe a few clouds in the sky!! If it rains....BLISS!!

So yesterday was a semi-overcast, looks like it MIGHT rain, kinda day! It didn't rain, but the boots and little jacket came out anyway!  

striped fall outfit

This yellow skirt you guys!  It's so my new fav!  It's a cord skirt, and it's kinda stretchy, so it's super comfy!  I just love yellow and I NEVER thought I'd hear myself say that!  But it's the best!  Kinda funky, kinda bright and definitely fun! 

This jacket is great for our kind of weather too, it's lightweight, with 3/4 length sleeves, so it doesn't look completely ridiculous in 85 degree weather!

yellow pencil skirt outfit
jacket--ross, striped shirt--old navy, yellow skirt--old navy, boots--old navy


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