Sunday, September 30, 2012

party love--purple wedding reception

We love planning parties! Our favorite is to do white plates and clean, pretty lines! A few months ago my sweet MIL asked if we would do her best friend's wedding reception!  So of course we said yes!  Who wouldn't love making someone else's wedding reception just gorgeous?!  The colors were dark purple and white!  

We pretty much just did the food table, and we even made the food for it!  Stress!!!  Because while it's fun to make someone else's wedding pretty.....IT'S SOMEONE ELSE'S WEDDING!  Scare-y!!

Anyway, we started out by laying all our white plates and platters out to see how we wanted to place everything!  Like this:

purple wedding ideas

Then we filled the plates with all our homemade goodies!  We made Oreo truffle balls with pretty ribbon sticks!  So sweet and definitely a hit with the kids!  We also did wedding cookies with purple frosting and white pearl balls!  Then we bought some already covered white yogurt pretzels and drizzled purple candy melts on them (see the bowl in the back full of them?).  So tasty!  And it looked so pretty!

The other two decorating things that I just LOVED, were the tall white sticks with little purple flowers that we glued on!  We put a clear vase on each side of the table with those!  Then the part that added the most pretty was the purple tulle!  We hung it over some frames behind the table, but FIRST we strung pretty twinkly lights underneath!  Isn't it just gorgeous!  

wedding reception ideas


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