Sunday, September 30, 2012

party loves--lemonade party

My twin girls turned 2 in March! I love doing themed parties but at 2, they didn't really care what I did! So I picked a lemonade/lemon theme! One of my fav things to do is browse Pinterest for party ideas! There are just gazillions of ideas out there. Party planning heaven!

So once I FINALLY decided on the theme (which is by FAR the hardest part of party planning!), I went crazy pinning and pinning wonderful ideas!  

I started with the invitations!  And I saw this super cute lemonade stand on Pinterest!  I thought, "Hey! We have pallets laying around outside, I bet the hubs and FIL can BUILD one of those for me!"  So I asked.  And they produced this loveliness:

diy lemonade stand out of pallets

Isn't it just the best?  It was perfect for the pictures on the invites and perfect for some decor at the party!  My sweet friend Lezley is a fabulous photographer and took all the pictures for their invitations and at their party! 

Then I started pinning foods to have.  There are a TON of lemon sweets ideas!  And yellow foods.  It was so fun finding stuff!  Here's what we wound up having:

Lemon Cake Balls
--with lovely yellow striped ribbon
lemon cake balls

Lemon Burst Cookies
Recipe found here! 

 Lemon Tea Cookies
These were tasty!!  Recipe found here!  You like those little name cards I made?!  So easy!  And adds such a sweet touch!

lemon party ideas

Deviled Eggs!
This one was just for the colors!

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes!
The frosting on these was eaten by spoonfuls!  Divine!  Recipe found here! 

Just some decorations using the star of the party!

Party Favors!
The twins got to give away little party bags with lemonade cooler drinks and bracelets! 

lemonade party ideas

Matching Flowers!

Matching water bottle labels and pink stripe straws!

Um, she is SO my daughter!

Lemonade stand, front and center!

kid birthday party ideas

Overall, lemonade was a super fun theme for a party!  The more ideas out there, the better! 


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